Static-Free Easy Peel Strip

I Love It! Poly Bags are Equipped with an easy peel strip that is heavy so it won’t cling to your hands, arms, work space or products.

Super Strong Adhesive

Our Ultra Strong Self Sealing Adhesive is super adherent. Once these are sealed completely, they are closed for sure. Our powerfully strong adhesive ensures that our poly bag can become securely sealed. Check out our videos! This super strong adhesive is amazing!

2 Mil Thick Poly Bags

Made with premium-grade, virgin Polyethylene, our bags are strong and durable.

Suffocation Warnings in three (3) languages

In compliance with Amazon’s requirements: A suffocation warning is required on poly bags with an opening of 5″ or more. The 3x5s and 4x6s don’t need this. All other sizes we offer have the warning on them. The Warning is printed in English, the Spanish Language and in French. The warning says: WARNING Keep this bag away from babies and children. Do not use in cribs, beds, carriages or playpens. The thin film may cling to nose and mouth and prevent breathing.

High Quality Gravure Printing

Is used to create a crisp, clean print on our poly bags.

“Ready to Ship”

No need for additional “Set Do No Break” or “Ready to Ship” stickers. We pre print this on our poly bags so you don’t have to worry about them. This will save you both time and money, as you no longer need to purchase stickers that say these things on them for the sizes of poly bags we produce.

The Size is Printed on Every Bag

Having the size on every poly bag makes it so you quickly know what size you’re using. This makes processing multiple items, asins and bundles a breeze.