A+ I agree good bags. Buy them and save yourself frustration.
Yury R. -
My father in law came over to help us bag and prep some products for the first time ever. He bagged some items with our other bags and then used your bags and he said "These ones are WAYYYY better" without me even asking lol.
J.T. -
Love the bags! My prep help loves them more. Heavy duty and no more clingy!
J. Huff -
I can’t imagine going back to my Boxery bags after using these. The white strips, the strength, and ESPECIALLY having the size of the bag written on each one is literally a life saver. I highly recommend them!
Joshua T. -
I can't tell you how many times I've measured a bag to put it back in the right place. The size on it is a great idea.
Derek M. -
These are worth it JUST for the sizes printed on them! ... The no cling strip is a huge plus, but the printed sizes on the bags is the ultimate game changer for me.
Katie M. -
I highly recommend these poly bags! Love the no stick strip and my prepper reported they helped her prep inventory faster.
Mandie F. -
We are loving our bags, they are so much better than any other we have bought! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️We will order again when we need bags again. The quality is unmatched by other companies! Thanks for making prep time faster!
Rita H. -

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